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What to Look for in Terms of Web Development

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Posted by steve on March 31, 2011 at 6:32 pm

It’s interesting to see the process businesses go through when thinking about a website strategy for their online presence. After they decide they need a website they begin to consider what content they think they need . The majority of the companies believe they need information about them so they add an “About Us” page to their site.

Secondly they would like to discuss their products or services so they add a “Products” or “Services” page on their site.

The most crucial part to the new website is giving visitors the ability to contact the company to do business or ask questions which is where the ubiquitous “Contact Us” page comes from .

I am sure you’ve seen these types of pages on just about every website you’ve ever come across .  When you made the decision to get your first website online you surely had the objective of growing your online presence by tapping into the “gold mine” the Internet makes available to us all. That’s the main motivating factor behind most websites . The problem with this process of web development is that it’s absolutely wrong.  This doesn’t mean that a business won’t make any sales or increase their volume of visitors by putting together their website this way .  I am just saying you are hurting the potential revenue of your site by doing it, and you could do much better.

The first problem with this played out old navigation plan is that it doesn’t offer any benefits to your potential buyers and, if you don’t provide value for your customers , it’s very easy for them to go to a competitor who does . These visitors don’t care about anything except what’s in it for them! If that’s accurate what’s the point in creating and online presence that goes on and on about your company, products, services and then provide them with a page so they can contact you? Or ultimately , why would you do that and expect success with your online ventures ?

If your plan is to have a user arrive at your website, consume the information , and ultimately make the decision to become a customer of your company instead of the competition, you need to prove you are worthy!

The easiest way for you to impress visitors to your website is to showcase your credibility before asking them to buy your products or services.  You can provide this value by giving them access to a free report, or maybe a coupon or code for a special price on your offerings. To really like to stand out in the crowd, you could include a section on your website dedicated to educating your potential customers .

Every online shopper has the question in their head , “Why should I buy from you?” when they land on your website. It is your job to provide an answer to that question.  Buyers want to work with a business who has knowledge of the products they are looking for in order to   make smart choices based on their situations.

If a user happens to read a couple articles on  your website which relates to a familiar situation, and it’s obvious that the person who wrote it knows their stuff , there is a much higher probability that the visitor will become your customer. The likelihood that they will stay on your site are drastically increased, and they won’t feel the need to visit your competitors’ website (and even if they do visit your competitors, they will see that you offer more value).

Regardless of the business you’re in, don’t assume that because you have a website, and a prospect visits it, that you’ve done everything necessary to get their business .  You need to use that website as a showcase to prove your authority , and once you have, make it easy for them to buy from you. You will dramatically increase your chances for online success!

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