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Who Needs a Web site?

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Posted by steve on April 4, 2011 at 4:32 pm

If you are advertising and marketing a product, service, or yourself and you are NOT marketing where your competitors are, you will find yourself left behind really suddenly. Before, when your customers were looking for a product or service, their easiest choice would be to get the Yellow Pages to search for a retailer or company in their location that provided the product or service they were in need of. Generally, Yellow Pages supplied a name, phone number or address. Occasionally, an commercial picture with a list of services or products. Even so, Today, everybody is going on the net and most likely use Google to lookup of what they are searching for.

With the Web today, that same consumer can go to a search engine be offered with a list of businesses that fit their needs, with hyperlinks to the Websites. Each Web site is commonly includes general, product, services and contact pages with details such as pictures, price, maps, phone numbers and etc. Having a Web site can be considered as having a 24-hour business presence. Your company will still be open while you are sleeping. Most importantly, the expense of maintaining a Web site is significantly more affordable than advertising and marketing your business on the Yellow Pages or newspaper.

Even better, when you have a Shopping Cart on your Web site, you are allowing your existing and future clients to order products and/or services from anywhere and at any time. Better yet, they can order from their living room, while wearing their pajamas! You do not have to pay for extra staff and office expenses, while your business opens for longer hours. A great professional Website can give you and your company a lot more visibility and credibility.

Today, the Internet is one of the first places a person will go to get info. Whether from a computer or cell phone. Believe it or not, the Internet IS the information. Whether it is a certain product, service, resume, company or even background check information, the Website is the place your consumers look for information. Are you ready to be discovered? Are you ready to pay less for marketing? Are you ready to have a 24-hour company? Are you ready to increase your revenue? Find a local Web Design freelancer or company today!

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