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Why building backlinks will increase SERPs

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Posted by steve on April 14, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Search engines index pages using the information made available to them. They measure a great quantity of things but the most important ones affecting rankings are relevant site content and backlink share. These two are by far the two most important aspects when it comes to SEO.

Edit this text There are a number of additional elements related with the backlinks, which affect the value but not all search engines actually treat them similarly. This suggests that it is more complicated than just keeping track of the backlinks, however numbers do matter. That is the reason why building backlinks is really important!

Think of the site as actually being a member of a community, related and joined together and created around some sort of system of shared values and resources. Unique content that’s related to your community’s motivations will be recognized as a beneficial resource. Your peers will identify you and point other folks in your direction. Those backlinks will be listed as votes of confidence and plenty of votes will eventually obtain you a good PR, which is Google’s way of telling the world that you’re a trusted member of the web community.

Not all backlinks are made similarly. One-way links are worth a lot more than reciprocal (traded) links, however sometimes reciprocal linking could be well worth your while. It’s a great way to get started together with your backlink building and there’s a good argument that traded backlinks are better than no backlinks at all. There’s a catch, though. When building backlinks, if you do trade backlinks, make certain that they’re with web sites that are related to your business or topic.

If your website is about wine making and brewing products for example, you may wish to exchange backlinks with a website that sells wine glasses. Topical links are usually preferable to unrelated backlinks 

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