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Why Stay at Home Moms will Eventually Take Over the Home Based Business Industry

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Posted by steve on July 15, 2011 at 10:19 am

Stay at home mothers are in growing numbers these days. There is nothing more noble than choosing to stay at home and give up a career to nuture and raise your children.  This doesn’t mean that these fine women cannot earn a living.  Let’s take a look and determine if they can really earn income with a home based business. Here some of the determining factors in the success and failure of earning income from home.

Let start off by examining the reasons why stay at home moms can make it in the world of home based business.   First of all there are so many different types of businesses to select from.  It will be very easy to find something of interest to sink your teeth into.  Here are a few other good reasons why stay at home moms can make an income.
-  Flexible: The hours to run your business is very flexible. If you can preserve a few hours here and there thoughout the day.
-  Multi-Tasking:  I apologize up front, but  moms have the ability to be great multi taskers and they will need this to be successful.
-  Patient: Moms are able to exercise patient, and they will need it wil their children and business are maturing.
-  Networking:  How many stay at home moms dwell to social clubs to get their dose of big conversation and a go away from the kids.
-  Loving & Nuturing:  Businesses and Children thrive with it.
-  Experience:  You do not need tons of experience to run a successful home business.  
-  Freedom:   The business is your domain and yours alone.
-  minuscule Initial Investment:  Most home business won’t break the bank.   Expect to invest 3-4K on a solid opportunity.

Yes, there is always the down side to the coin. the down side does exist.   Here are a few reasons why a stay at home mom may fail at a home based business.
-  90% Failure rate:  Yes, this is the failure rate, but you can over come this trend.
-  Scams:  There are many scams on the Net.  You will have to choose wisely.
-  Lack of Internet selling Skills:  I will explain this below.

Although I have taken the liter approach to discussing this subject, stay at home moms can be very successful running a home based
business.  All it takes is the initial investment and a passion for what you are doing.  I will spare you the theatrics, if you want to be successful,   LEARN how to market properly.  If you can master the essential internet marketing skills and put them
into action, the sky is the limit.  You can be successful in any business you choose.  Have fun and earn Big!

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