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Why You Should Create and Manage An Article Directory Today

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Posted by steve on September 23, 2011 at 9:14 pm

There are so many upsides to creating and managing your own article marketing directories that it is surprising that most marketers do not take advantage of it. One approach, and benefit, will be creating directories that are for the same niche markets as other businesses you own. Setting up a directory is pretty easy actually, and you can find tons of helpful and useful resources on the net. This is something just about anyone can do if they do not mind putting some work into it. You can learn a few helpful hints if you are interested in creating and managing an article directory.

You might be assuming that you need advanced technical skills or expensive software to start an article directory, but that’s not the case. In the last couple of years, many new things are possible when it comes to what you can do online. There are now quite a few WordPress or PHP based article directory scripts at affordable prices. Some of these are extremely cheap and easy to use, and in some cases you can build an article directory in mere minutes. All right, as an example there is Article Dashboard directory software. At the time of this writing it is free. This software is installed on your personal web host and can then be customized. You can’t say it’s not possible anymore.

You will no doubt have several streams of income happening on your article directory. Naturally, you want to make money from this, but you also have to think about visitor experience as well.

But no matter what you are doing, be very sure to include some tastefully positioned “call to action” copy that is clearly visible. There is nothing wrong with adsense ads or even other contextual ads, and you should also look at them, too. You will have to make these calls because it is just part of doing business on the net. Of course no matter what you do, be sure you engage in testing. You will be missing many opportunities if you ignore the power of testing and tracking. This is all basic conversion optimization, but it still can make a huge difference in your returns.

There are very many ways you can promote your article directory, and that is something you should plan for early on. There are so many different free ways you can promote your directory. You should issue press releases to all the major press release distribution centers, too. Think for a moment about what this whole process is all about. What you will also be doing is creating backlinks to your new article directory. You want to build as much PR as quickly as you can, and the backlinks will help your site. Until recently, there were various obstacles to creating and managing your own article directory, but not anymore. As we’ve seen, there are now cheap and simple ways to do this. At the same time, you should formulate some kind of strategy for your article directory so you know where you want to go with it.

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