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WordPress Plug-ins Important To Your Business

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Posted by steve on May 6, 2011 at 9:41 pm

WordPress has been experiencing an upsurgence in popularity with the internet marketing crowd for business websites. The list of reasons for using WordPress is long. It’s no problem at all to customize, plus it’s really easy to use, and the best part is it’s free. You can create a beautiful site without the knowledge of HTML, or CSS. No need to spend your money on a template theme, either. What’s also most excellent is that with plugins you can make your site do whatever you want. Choosing the best and most effective plugins for you online business is important. So let’s move quickly and discuss a few plugins that will help you with business. You need to consider the latest trends in Video Engine Optimization like what is seen on this Video Engine Optimization Plugin blog

One really great plugin is called Widget Logic. Widgets are plug ‘n play applications that WordPress uses alongside the plugins. Widget Logic allows you total control over how the various widgets you use appear on your blog. You just decide how you want particular pages, such as contact or disclaimer, to be accessible from any page you decide.

You can fully customize the appearance of your widgets. This provides a dynamic air and helps to break things up a little bit for your readers. So using this will make your site look more interesting and you’ll be happy to design it the way you prefer.

The All in One SEO Pack is an essential plugin for blogs if you want to achieve high search engine rankings. This plug-in gives you an easy way to make sure that your search engine optimization needs are met. This plug-in will help you optimize everything from your headers to your tags to your posts. You can use certain settings on specific pages to avoid getting slapped with a minus for dupe content.

When you create these pages that you don’t want Google to know about, you’ll designate them as noindex in the plugin. Every single marketer online understands fully the necessity for correct optimization of their sites and blogs. A fantastic new resource can be seen at this WP Google Video Sitemap website

There’s a plugin, SMS Text Message, that send a text to subscribers whenever there’s a site update. When you install it, it will install an opt-in form on your blog. Your visitors will need to opt-in with their cell phone number so they can receive your site’s text messages. So this is a unique approach to updating your subscribers of any site updates. Just be aware that visitors may be wary of parting with their phone number, so it could take a good while to build a list in this manner. WordPress is a fantastic and versatile content management system. Anyone can use it because there is absolutely no charge at all for any of it. There will never be a charge no matter how much you want to jazz it up. Cool, huh? If you want to change your theme, or add any number of plugins, or you can alter the code – if you know how, you can do it. It’s great because you really don’t need any experience or to be a programmer, etc. Super new Video Engine Optimization revolutions can be found at this WordPress Google Video Sitemap webpage

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