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You Are What You Think.

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Posted by steve on August 4, 2011 at 10:00 am

I have observed , that a dentist with a great smile, a positive attitude, and a good dental marketing plan is always more successful than just a dentist with great skills.

 Mary Kay Ashe once said “If you think you can, you are right and if you think you can’t, you are also right”.   Even if he does get the job done, he will have done so with great duress, suffering and unhappiness. It would have been very hard!

 So go ahead and So be positive and believe you can, say “I can do it” and keep saying it even if it feels false – just do it. Eventually you will realize it really works.

  If it is true that imagination and theexecuting of that imagination is all that matters ,- and it is true,- then you must start imagining what could be and in fact imagine already having it. Start feeling like you have it.

 But whatever you do, do not plan your future on past results of any kind. Can you see that if you do so,  no positive result  in any area of life would ever happen?

 For example, a Dentist who advertises in the Yellow Pages with unsatisfactory results should not stop his dental advertising.

 Do not – ever – look at areas where you have failed and/or made decisions which did not work out and thus stay away from such decisions. Never look back or focus on previous failures. Be in the here and now and focus on the brighter future.

We all from time to time fear losing. However those thoughts can keep you down so when a fearful thought enters your mind it is best to imagine placing it in a helium balloon and visualize it leaving your thoughts and floating away. As funny as that sounds it is a simple exercise that works. 

 Being careful and trying to save what you already have will paralyze you right into eternal unhappiness and the feeling of life passing you by, as well as financial disatisfaction.

 Remember that Mary Kay Cosmetics became world famous because Mary Kay Ashe believed in her success. Dentists and orthodontists popularized new advances in Dentistry by visualizing success approaching any dental marketing plan with a “can do” attitude.

 Not imagining your future as well as imagining the actions it will take to achieve those imaginations, and only indulge in imagination based on past results by yourself as well as by others,  and hanging on to the negative, are the basic evil key roots on which failure is based on.

 That theory also applies to successes. 


 Helmut G Flasch

CEO of Doctor Relations 
Founder of Award-winning ‘Un-Advertising’ Marketing Strategy
Author of ‘Doubling Your Business But Not Your Troubles’ 

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