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You Can Build A Successful Business With Focus And Determination

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Posted by steve on June 12, 2011 at 10:22 am

When I was trying to determine what to name my blog site, I thought about the traits that are integral to all great software organizations. Thus the blog name, “Software Strategy, Focus and Execution”.

As a previous executive for operations with 30 years of software experience, I have observed businesses do it well and companies do it inadequately. Presently as a venture partner at OpenView where we invest growth venture capital in expansion stage software organizations, I get the opportunity to make good use of all that experience on “how to do things” and “how not do to things” to coach and mentor Founders and/or CEO’s and their management teams.

One thing I am continually emphasizing in all my discussions in operation reviews and board meetings among the portfolio businesses with which I work is FOCUS as one of the keys to building a great business. I am sure they are all sick of listening to it but I will carry on in reminding them of the value of focus going forward. In fact, at OpenView they’ve named me the CFO for Chief Focus Officer due to the fact that I continually remind everyone in the firm why it is essential for the firm, in addition to our portfolio companies, to stay focused.

That is why this blog, written by Martin Zwilling  from the Founders Corner in the Business Insider is a required read for all founders, CEO’s and their management teams.

The title is “Six Reasons Being Focused Is The Greatest Determinant Of Success” and Martin makes six points in the blog:

  1. Time to market is critical
  2. Keep infrastructure costs low
  3. Need to be nimble
  4. Innovate to market leadership
  5. Maintaining quality is key
  6. Personal bandwidth is limited

I enjoyed the blog and I am hoping you do too. If you do please forward it to your teams and other individuals who can benefit from the stress on focus is a key determinant of success!

George Roberts is a Venture Partner at OpenView and a former member of the executive management team at Oracle, with over 25 years of deep management experience in the software industry.

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