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You can use a Dynamic Database for your Basic Website Design

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Posted by steve on September 25, 2011 at 6:19 pm

Dynamic internet sites are sites which use programming code ( PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, Perl, Oracle, Java, Ajax, or ColdFusion ) to access information saved in a database and display that info on the webpage. Not all websites have dynamic necessities. Small businesses or basic information sites may not need a database but for large sites it might need to be considered.

A database aids to organise and store information so that information can be easily displayed dependent on the requirements of the internet site design. For example a domain designer may want to display the ten most popular products offered by a company in a given week, or the most often seen articles on their forum.

Some of the usages of a dynamic internet site and database are :

  • To display products and detailed product information replying to search parameters set by customers,
  • To display purchase information, track shipping of purchases, order records or shopping cart details,
  • To display or edit members profile information, membership details or records,
  • To display, edit or respond to member’s forum content,
  • To display search or sort results of internet site content based mostly on certain necessities such as date, popularity, topic, etc,
  • To display or edit calendar or event lists.

Do you require a custom Content Management System?

It’s feasible to have a personalized Content Management System ( CMS ) made. This way info displayed on a website can be constantly updated and manipulated without the requirement for visiting a web designer. This is often an exceedingly useful tool for sites which require regular updates and manipulation. The look of a CMS can be costly so it is sensible to consider if your website actually has dynamic wants. These are some straightforward inquiries to speak with your web designer :

How often does the info on your website need updating? If the site will change daily or maybe weekly it could be best to think about a database to make it less complicated to make some changes. If you internet site is relatively static with limited small changes then a website designer can be paid to mend the site.

How many products have you got? If a company has a little product line it is simple to control information on each article. A company with masses of products will not have the time to form page lists for each one. A database will cut back on the time required and make product changes more easily.

Do you need to gather and control shopper information? A company taking the details of many patrons can utilize a database which should simply sort and display customer information for use. A website which infrequently gathers client information could utilise a HTML form and save on the cost.


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