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You Can’t Dominate the Internet Marketing Roost If You Aren’t Good at Communicating

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Posted by steve on August 18, 2011 at 6:51 pm

When you initially start to get into online marketing and test the waters a little, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. As you sort through information in articles and online forums, you’ll see all types of lists featuring “how you too can be the next big thing!” The items on these lists probably all appear conflicting. One list will state “patience” is the secret to becoming an IM success. Another is going to tell you that you must have plenty of business savvy. Still, another will tell you that creative thinking is what will get you ahead. And, as can be expected, there are going to be dozens of sales pages claiming they have the software or course to teach you how to be the next big thing.  

Here’s the truth: The rest of these things are important (not so much the software package, but the others). You must have patience, business savvy and creativity if you want to achieve success. None of these things will matter much, though, if you are unable to communicate well with others.

Good communication involves more than just creating a well-written sales page. A skilled copywriter can handle that component of your project. A gorgeous web site and extensive FAQ are not what you need for effective communication. A seasoned web designer and writer can handle those things. Being effective in communication demands learning to handle interpersonal communication as well as your copy and site. What do you do then?

1. Respond to every e-mail you get within 24 hours. We aren’t trying to joke with you. You don’t have to write a a long reply for every last email. All you need to do is compose a short note that says something like “I got your e-mail and will be sending you a detailed reply shortly.” Try including text that references something the the other person has written. This is what will tell the person that you actually care about them and are not an autoresponder.

2. Answer your phone. Don’t screen your calls. You should always try to answer the phone by the third ring. You should do this even if the Caller ID tells you that the call is from somebody that you really do not wish to talk to. There is, nevertheless, an exemption to this rule. You don’t have to worry about being close to your telephone aroudn the clock. Instead of this, set distinct “business” hours that you are available to take phone calls. These business hours should be displayed prominently on your web site and stated in your voice mail message as well. And, naturally, each individual who leaves a message deserves to have his call returned.

3. Make sure that the people you send messages and emails to actually get those messages and emails. This shows them that you care about your correspondence with them. You’ll endear yourself more with the people you work with and who buy from if you ask them if they have any questions and double check to be sure  that they understood the points you were  trying to make.

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