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You Have to Avoid These Common Adwords Mistakes

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Posted by steve on May 22, 2011 at 8:06 am

Used correctly, Google Adwords can become the premier advertising tool for driving business to your website. Managing the learning curve for Adwords is critical if you want to acquire the skills to create and manage campaigns that will provide a very high return on investment over a specific time period. On the other hand, if you do not take the time to learn how to effectively manage Adwords campaigns, you can find yourself making some costly mistakes that can cause your marketing business to grind to a halt. This article will highlight the 3 most common mistakes that you should be wary of, so that you can have a better chance at succeeding with Adwords. Whether you want to promote SEOnuking related product with classified advertising or some other product, it will always give you results if you do it effectively.

1) Learn from the Successful

Simply put, when you use common keywords that are very broad, you will simply be losing money and not producing any results. The only place targeting broad keywords will take you is into a losing battle. For example, let’s look at what happens when you target the word “hospital”. Most of the people who simply search for a word like “hospital” or “medical” are not sure exactly what they are looking for. Another way to look at it is that people who use simple searches like these are simply curious about what they will find. If you want to get good results you have to focus your keyword down to one that goes right along with your offer. Using broad keywords prevents you from knowing if your visitors are interested in your offer or not. However, most times they are not looking to buy anyway. If you do a search for the broad keyword, like “hospital” you will get millions of results with Google. However, if you narrow the keyword a little, like “find a hospital”, your results are only a couple hundred thousand. As you can see, by using a narrower keyword, you will face less competition and only have visitors who are looking for something specific. A person searching with a narrow keyword know what they want to find. Step back from marketing for a minute and try to think like your customers. It won’t be long before you find the right narrow keyword.

2) Targeting the Wrong Keywords So if you’re aiming to sell more of Spinner Articles products with classified advertising, you will achieve that if you follow this formula.

Many people enter the world of Google Adwords, use it and lose a lot of money. They eventually give up and leave. This only happens when you fail to track effectively. Tracking your keywords and your landing page is the utmost important factor that determines how successful you will be. If you don’t track your keywords, you wouldn’t know which ones are converting and are profitable. When you have the knowledge of what’s working and what’s not, you have the keys to unlock the secrets to get high quality traffic, without losing money. It all boils down to keeping the profitable keywords and removing the underperforming keywords. Having this data and applying it to your next campaign will spell success, because you’ve already tested them out. So always keep in mind the importance of tracking.

3) Stuffing Too Many Keywords in One Single Ad Group

When using Google Adwords, your number one priority is to test and tweak your campaigns, so that you know what keywords areactually performing. If you just go ahead and place hundreds of keywords in one single ad group, the popular ones will quickly be bombarded with clicks, while the ones that are less popular won’t get many clicks. On the long term, this causes problem, as you won’t be knowing what keywords got the highest clicks. Therefore, in the start only have 10 – 15 keywords per ad group so that you can clearly see which ones are working and remove the ones that aren’t getting clicks. This will help you create a highly targeted campaign that’s getting results due to the best converting keywords.

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