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Your Linking Strategy

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Posted by steve on June 6, 2011 at 6:44 am

The best way to give relevancy to your site is by putting good relevant content articles on your site, loaded with keywords and key phrases. Articles can be used to help drive traffic to your site and to help with your linking strategy.

Different ways in which this can be done. A very common way is to write good phrase and key word rich articles about your site and submit them to the many article directories available . You would then link the keywords and anchor text back to your site and you can link the author bio box back to your site as well . This is one of the most popular link building strategies put into practise    Using  an article submitter can greatly speed up the submitting process.

Another option is by exchanging articles with other website owners . A method like this will greatly enhance your linking strategies and help drive traffic to your sites. After you have written your keyword rich articles, contact other niche site owners and propose a trade. They prop your article on their site and you in turn place their article on your site. You would have inserted links strategically throughout the article by linking keywords and phrases that are at present related to your site. Make sure you link these back to your internal pages, not just to the home page. When you have done this, you will help create a deep linking campaign that can help you get to the next tier up of linking.

Exchanging the exact same article is not recommended Make sure you rescript the article or better yet use a completely new article every time you exchange them. By using a rewritten article or using a new article you will avoid the duplicate content penalties and filters When revising an article make sure you change at the least thirty percent of the article content.

When you are exchanging articles it’s imperative that the link be the literal phrase or keyword you are trying to get in the search engines.  As an example, if you are trying to get the link internet online marketing into the search engines, don’t use just the word, online marketing.

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