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Blogging – a Pleasurable and Profitable Pursuit

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Posted by steve on July 25, 2011 at 9:45 am

Years ago when the Internet became popular, those people who wished to have an Internet presence were troubled over the bother and price tag involved in having a website. Whether for enjoyment or profit, to be present on the Internet, a website was necessary in those days. Amateur sites were less expensive, but the impression on the visitor was lacking.

The blog was conceived to be, in essence, a “website for the poor man” making it possible to give you your own spot online minus the expense and hassle of getting a website. From one mans blog to the next the blog spot became a method for people to relate to one another on the Net. Although a bit monotonous, at lest it was free; but change was coming.

In a short while the blog spot could have different fonts, photographs, and other effects that previously were only available on websites. It wasn’t long before computer hobbyist were able to set up personal blogs that presented their opinions, their social life, information, warnings about scams, and even sold stuff. A blog was less effort to create compared to a website – and in a short time blogs began to spring up everywhere you look on every imaginable topic.

Blogging is simple and anybody can do it. This includes YOU – regardless of your skill level on the Internet. You can initially blog for enjoyment alone until such time that you’ve become more adept.

Locate a blog in which you are interested and drop some comments. In this way you will become familiar with blogging basics. As your skill level improves, start your own blog and I promise you that you’ll have found a new hobby that will provide enjoyment for months and years to come. Also you can use it to supplement your income if that interests you.

In order to be successful you need to love the subject you are blogging on. Before you launch, take a while to decide on a subject for which you have a passion. One man’s diversion for instance, can make a wonderful subject for blogging for fun.

Start by offering some advice based on your personal experiences. As you progress, you can begin networking, making some friends, and so many other such things through your blog spot. There are many people out there who would love to forge friendships with people of similar interests It’s just as educational as it is fun.

When you feel you are ready, you can begin earning some income by monetizing your blog. At this point there will be several admirers who will advance your contacts even further.

The simplest way is to post Google Adsense and Google Adwords on your blog, and this will earn you money automatically. If you want to put in a little more effort you can start promoting e-information items through your blog just as easily. The blog spot that you started for enjoyment could end up earning a lot of money for you when all is said and done.

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