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Free Traffic System Review

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Posted by steve on July 27, 2011 at 9:27 am

First of all let me say that I love <a href=””>Free Traffic System</a> enough that I paid to become a lifetime “Pro” member of the service. But that doesn’t mean that I have no complaints at all. What follows are the positives and the minuses of this link building site.

Free Traffic System Positives

(1) There is a free version you can build links with. This is the huge positive to internet marketers who don’t have any money to put into their link building projects. But I think it is worth the money upgrading to a pro account as soon as you do have enough money because by not doing so you are not getting the most out of the system.

(2) The system allows you to link to a limitless number of landing pages as you want and it’s very easy to copy/paste a lot of links into the URL target area.

(3) Pro members can include three links in each of their submissions.

(4) Every submission goes out to 50 domains which means you can build 150 total links with a single article.

(5) If you include your own blogs in the system you can get free bonus links with every one of your article submissions.

(6) You can get free bonus links back to your sites by referring new users.

Free Traffic System Negatives

(1) The user interface can be a bit difficult to use when comared to some other article distribution services.

(2) The “choosing” of the sites you want each of your articles to be submitted to can be quite irritating although they say they have their reasons for it.

(3) There’s a limit of 50 different websites that your submissions can go out to. With systems like ArticleRanks there is no cap and your submissions can go out to over 100 websites instead of just 50.

More Article Submission Systems

I don’t think you should use only this article submission service to build links with article marketing. For the most backlinks you will want to also use other article marketing websites such as <a href=””>Article Marketing Automation</a>.

If you want to get the best results out of article marketing then I strongly recommend <a href=””>that you buy the Magic Article Rewriter software</a> because it allows you to greatly leverage the article writing and spinning work that you do. With this software you can spin an article just one time and then submit it to multiple submission services which basically means you will build many more links for just about the same amount of work.

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