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What Are The Advantages of PPV?

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Posted by steve on April 9, 2011 at 6:27 pm

PPV or Pay per View traffic is a type of marketing a website to target prospective clients. PPV,which works well with epic traffic systems, has the same idea with Pay per Click where the website owner gets costed whenever the ad is clicked. Though PPV is distinct from PPC because it comes in a form of pop up while the other is in words located in either side of the page.

PPV works when somebody goes to a niche relevant to the site being promoted. The pop up advertisement will prompt the consumer to visit the site. The benefit of PPV is that it is putting the traffic right in front of the consumer. On the other hand, PPC stays only in the page.

The advertiser will only have to pay every effective visit to his/her website. As the pop up advertisement is shown everytime a site of similar content is opened, there is a greater chance that the owner of the website reach his/her target audience. This is so since the user’s desired website is directly aimed to him/her. The pop up will incorporate the website being advertised.

The site where the pop up ad will show up is established by the keywords and categories set to it. When a person searches and opens a site related to the one being advertised, the pop up will show up. Thus, selecting the appropriate keywords is important because it can help you get the site’s traffic to an increase.

PPV is definitely risk-free for the system of users even though pop ups are often thought to be adware. PPC are less accessible than PPV ads. It is as well less costly than PPC. The key to getting a successful PPV traffic is to make the ad interesting and useful. The advertisement should contain only those useful details because the advertisement is restricted in size. The advertiser should just save the broader explanation in the site itself.

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