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What Is Domain Tasting?

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Posted by steve on September 9, 2011 at 3:54 pm

If you’re a webmaster and are looking at the high fees for purchasing a domain then paying for a domain before you know whether it’s profitable can be quite a hassle. A new method of avoiding paying domain registration fees is becoming increasingly popular and people are now starting to question the pros and cons, along with the ethics, behind this popular new technique of “tasting” out a domain’s profitability. The reasoning behind this kind of technique is remarkably simple. Let’s take a more in-depth look at domain name tasting now.

Firstly, what is domain name tasting? The idea behind this technique is to register a domain name during a grace period, typically around 5 days, and use this period to decide whether you will be keeping the domain based on how much income it generates. If the domain turns out to make money, you should keep it. If it doesn’t generate any revenue at all then you can simply use the grace period to get a full refund. Domain name tasting is mainly used to leverage type-in/direct traffic and scooping up expired domains that still have authority on the Internet but are no longer owned by anyone.

The pros of domain name tasting are obvious. You get to test a domain name and see if it generates revenue very quickly and easily—and with no risk involved. The method will allow you the ability to leverage domain registrars’ grace periods to see whether a domain is worth your work and effort to grow and profit from without ever having to take on registration fees.

There are also arguments against domain tasting, including the fact that it may not be very ethical. You are taking advantage of a loophole in the system that some may label as abuse. While it may seem harmless to register domains and test their profitability, it isn’t the most upfront way of doing business online and some definitely debate the ethics of this type of practice.

Domain name tasting is a crafty trick for getting some free traffic and scooping up profitable domains that could be sold at a later time. However it’s certainly not the most legitimate way to do business on the internet and eventually it could ruin domain name registrations for everyone. For example, the abuse of this grace period could become so severe that the registrars are forced to remove it or even increase the pricing. This of course would impact everyone who relies on the internet for their income.

The most probable scenario is that eventually this “loophole” will be closed, rendering the technique useless. While domain name tasting could be a good way to find profitable domains, it’s recommended that you pursue more legitimate ways to find appropriate domain names online. This way you can ensure you have a long term business model that won’t disappear when ICANN closes this hole in the domain registration system.

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