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5 Reasons Companies Utilise A Virtual Server Host To Supply Their World Wide Web Presence

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Posted by steve on July 24, 2011 at 9:14 am

Virtual servers are a fantastic technology for the web developer or host, that is working on a budget. Although Linux virtual servers and Windows virtual servers are the most popular, virtual servers come in many different forms.

Virtual server hosting are frequently used for voice hosting. Voice server hosts spread their services all over the world- The UK, US, Canada and Australia. This makes virtual servers perfect. For a host, the cost of dedicated servers in each location is not practical. Virtual servers can do exactly the same job at a snip of the budget.

Website hosting is perhaps the most popular use for virtual hosting. Particularly for specialist companies that don’t quite need a dedicated server. A VPS offers the flexibility in that you can upgrade when needed and the redundancy of a RAID array. If you are hosting one or two websites, virtual servers are also ideal. The benefit of a VPS is you are isolated from other users. Something you can’t do with traditional shared web hosting.

The up and coming trend is to use virtual servers for social media apps. If you spend all day on Facebook you will know exactly what I mean. Facebook applications have had a massive boom in use. You can do everything from managing an army, to a record company! Again virtual servers are a perfect stop gap rather than a dedicated server.

Virtual servers are very often used for database environments. You should never have all your eggs in one basket. Using virtual servers keeps databases offsite and safe.

Offsite DNS makes use of virtual hosting technology. I setup a redundant DNS system using a virtual hosting recently. The benefit of this is that our main DNS is hosted on our web servers. Should primary DNS go offline, secondary DNS kicks in. This allows for much better uptime.

We have identified the 5 main uses for virtual servers above. If you can add any weird and wonderful things you have utilised them for, please do let us know below.

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