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Great Advice To Help You Prepare For Your Citizenship Test – Arabic Speakers Guide

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Posted by steve on June 21, 2011 at 9:52 am

Preparing a timetable

The first thing you must do is determine when you are going to study. You must check how much time you have right up until the day of your exam, and schedule a certain amount of study-time every day so that you can get through all the materials in time. Jot down a timetable, so that you can see how much you need to do each and every day.

You additionally need to locate a area to study. A quiet space is the greatest place, but if you do not have your own room to use, then try a local library that will have desks to work at and a librarian making sure that everybody is being scilent

Ensure that you do not study for too long at once. Most individuals can only focus for about 30 mins. If you study for longer than this devoid of taking a break, then the data will get tricky to memorise. Take frequent breaks to prevent this from happening.

Producing great notes

As you read the book, write down the most vital points from each part.

At the end of each section, cover your notes and try to jot down the important points from memory. Do that several times and before long you should be capable to keep in mind the details you have learned.


Get a book with practice questions to check your self on the details you have learned. Do not look back at the book till you have attempted to write the answers from memory. Then you can check the answers for yourself and, if you have got any incorrect, you can check through the book again.

Write the key points from each section on index cards. Jot down questions on one side and answers on the other, so that you can check yourself as you go along. Or you can ask a loved member to test you to make sure you have memorised the materials correctly. Take the cards around with you wherever you go, so that you can look at them whenever you have a spare moment.

If you are sitting the exam at a similar time as a friend, then try to learn collectively and test each other on the material. Discussing the material in the book with another person is a great way of enhancing your own knowledge. It may also be quite valuable to talk about what you have studied with friends or acquaintances who are British. However, don’t anticipate them to know every little thing in the book. You might be amazed to discover that you understand more than these folks do concerning some things.

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