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Save Time with Internet Book Marking

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Posted by steve on July 10, 2011 at 6:46 am

So much time spent online is wasted for no real reason. Many times it is because you get distracted by videosa viral video or links that you have been sent. What you might not realize is that a lot of the time that is wasted is used by the more smaller jobs.

First of all, obviously time will get wasted depending on your Internet connection. If your Internet connection is unstable and you continually get disconnected, this can mean a lot of time gets wasted whilst you wait for things to load streamline your surfing experience on the web and become a more effective Internet user.

To start with, you need to analyze your Internet usage habits. Which sites do you visit most? What sites do you spend more time on? Which activities do you on the Internet? After you have found the answers to the questions then you will be able to plan your weekly schedule more effectively. Most people have peaks and troughs of energy during the day. This may also effect going online. For example, do you start surfing with lots of energy and be really proactive? Or, on the other hand do you start out slowly, check out some news websites before starting on the bigger tasks you have to complete. Once you have establish the way that you work, you will then be able to better plan your schedule and focus your energy on what should be done at the correct time.

Once you have completed this step, you then need to consider if there is anything that you do which slows you down? Do you squander a lot of time on Facebook or emailing your friends when you need to be researching for work? Recognizing your weaknesses will allow you to convert them to positives.

One way which many people throw away time on the web is by searching for websites that we visit every day. Rather than typing in addresses or saving websites to our favorites, we will instead search for it on search engines. This is grossly unproductive and you will waste loads of time. First of all you will open up the browser, look for the site in a search engine, wait whilst the results load, click the right one and then wait for that to load up. You might be able to skip most of these steps by book marking the website or even setting it up as your home page. Rather than typing addresses, you simply have to click the correct bookmark. This will save you a huge amount of time! It may not seem like a lot but you may be surprised at how much more productive you browse the web.

Similarly, the web is made of countless websites and billions of web pages. Many more than we will ever visit in a lifetime. More than we will ever find in a lifetime. Whilst searching for something in particular we are often bombarded with sites that are not exactly suitable. This can make keeping track of the relevant information and sites quite troublesome sometimes. If you make use of bookmarks then you should be able to quickly save only the most relevant websites so you can return to them later. Also, you may able to even use online bookmarks which can bookmark your favorite websites online for you. This is an excellent tip if you have to work from numerous sites or while you areon an outing. Saving your bookmarks on the Internet means you will never lose them again.

By utilizing bookmark technology you will help save you a lot of time wasted typing web addresses or trying to locate that site from last month that you need to use again. However, that isn’t the only technique to save time on the Internet. Another great technique is to use password management software. Think of all the websites you visit frequently and calculate exactly how many you need to log into. That is lots of websites and a lot of usernames and passwords to remember and submit. You might want to use your browser’s store account detail feature but this is unsafe and ought to only be utilized if your computer is in a safe environment. Ideally it should still not be utilized because every single time your computer logs onto to the Internet, it is susceptible to Internet attacks. Hence, online password managers were developed giving a safe substitute. You can register for an online password manager, register all your account details and then auto-fill in your account details for websites that you visit. As with online book marking, you will be able to access your username and password information from anywhere in the world and never stress about failing to remember it again.

These two suggestions, though small are still actually very good at saving you time on the Internet and letting you be more productive. You only need to make a small amount of changes to see a big difference in your productiveness. It might require a little amount of time to get used to working with the Internet differently, but if you can make these small changes, you will find that you will be able to be waste less time.

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