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The Wrong Way of Holding Staff Meetings

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Posted by steve on June 9, 2011 at 7:22 am

Note: Whether you own a dental practice or other small business  , motivating your employees is part of creating an efficient and profitable environment . Being a dental consultant, I have seen doctors looking around for the latest dental marketing techniques, while neglecting  the general morale of their office staff and they then wondered why profits remained low despite all their marketing effort.

First of all , let me make clear that most staff meetings I have witnessed in small businesses over the last 18 years are NOT staff meetings but are nit-picking sessions of destructive, un-motivational, and unproductive nature.

Explaining what you think is wrong and who is to blame  does not do the job, Even though you may want to say that  you make it an encouraging and positive meeting  .

There is no such thing as ‘constructive criticism’.

I do not say that one has to or can go through life without ever criticizing and without ever talking to your staff about what went wrong and how to fix it. I am only saying that we must have staff meetings on a regular schedule — very regularly and very frequently. And that those staff meetings should  have as the main and only purpose to build the future of your practice by also building the future of your staff members.

The fact is  , your practice’s future is directly proportional on how you can enhance the future of every single staff member of yours.

This means that the main topic on staff meetings should be focused on goals which the practice is after.

Show your staff that the practice goals are in reach  and make sure that the staff members can see how they will benefit  in the whole thing.

You may be thinking  that they will be thinking: money – you are right! They do and they deserve it, but they also need the satisfaction of having overcome some problems. They, the better ones, anyhow, will want to have something to show on their resume and for their own competence and certainty.

So, if you and your business excel , they will have something to show – they will be able to say, “I was part of it .“ This is the best dental practice management that I have seen working for dentists out there and it has also worked for business owners of other industries.

There are plenty, absolutely plenty of those people who want to be part of growth out there.

Remember  they are doing it for their own good – they want to learn, have a resume to show, make money and God only knows how many different objectives of their own they have in their mind. It’s Ok, it’s even what you need, because they will help you get where you want in order to reach their own goals.

But you, my friend, must align them. They need your encouragement , your guidance, and your company as a jumping board for their future. Give it to them.

Tell them your business goals  , be specific. Tell them how to do it, announce all small and large accomplishments of the group as well as those of individual staff members.

With a good statistical program which monitors the actual performance of each individual employee you will be able to sort the winners from the losers much, much better.

How do you handle the losers  ? That is a different story for a different subject, and I will train you on handling that subject. Actually most of the losers will leave all by themselves, nice and quiet – rarely any firing will be needed.

When talking about the goals of the practice you must however be precise.

Let’s grow, or let’s do one million, or let’s service the best in town, is NOT good enough.

You have to  attach very real numbers and target times and basic simple steps on how to achieve the goals.

There is a book by Jack Welsh, the Ex CEO of General Electric, who wrote an incredible book called “Winning”. The first 35 pages of this book are some of the most important words you can read on this subject and, subsequently, a cornerstone to continuous success. Or perhaps for starting success which then will continue. Buy it and read it! Now!

By the way , this exercise, which should be done minimally once a week, will not only motivate your staff but you as well.

Because  there is an awful lot of truth in the saying that the pack runs only as fast as the leader.

It’s also a fact that   the one person who really needs help  to see that there is a future, which is worth living for, is you, the boss.

Proving to your team  that good things can happen will inevitably also show it to you too.

Remember : It doesn’t matter whether you are a dentist trying to engage in aggressive dental advertising to boost your business, or just wish to become a busier business owner with lots of good customers . Inspire and motivate your troops to reach goals higher than ever believed possible and you will see your business taking off to a next higher level. Try it! 

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